Airpath provides ruggedized solutions to last and hold in temperature, vibration and voltage extremes, as well as providing redundancy. Airpath also understands the importance of implementing security in SCADA systems for the fact the sites being monitored are of high value and are just as vulnerable to cyber attacks. Airpath solutions are trusted in mission-critical deployments delivering consistently 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Oil & Gas

As much of today's oil & gas production occurs in remote areas, these companies must collect critical data and conduct real-time communications from far-reaching locations. Airpath's broadband solutions provide a flexible infrastructure to ensure data, voice and video is delivered in the most cost-effective and reliable way. With many global installations, Airpath is well battle-tested in this market.

The oil & gas industry is a complex business with significant challenges as these companies strive to meet business and improvement objectives. Airpath solutions help deliver real-time information and broadband to remote drilling, production and pipeline facilities. Airpath has also enabled Voice Over IP, video conferencing and security to help protect employees, the environment, and on-site assets.

Challenges in this industry include:

 Protecting significant investments
 Supporting multitudes of workers in remote geographic locations.
 Lowering operational costs and risks.

supplying and supporting:

 Communication infrastructure between a companys' offices and locations worldwide.
 Increase productivity by facilitating reliable real-time information between teams and offices.
 Help remotely monitor the execution of large and complex projects and any key communications.
 Improve operational efficiency and ROI.


SCADA systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) collects sensory data from all types of factory and processing plants back to a central control system for management and administration. The remote management or monitoring function of a SCADA system is often referred to as telemetry.

SCADA systems are centralized systems that monitors, coordinates and controls entire remote sites, as well as clusters of remote sites over large geographical areas. Current SCADA systems use open system architectures, which Airpath supports, to distribute functionality across wide-area networks. SCADA systems traditionally use combinations of radio and direct serial or modem connections to meet communication requirements.